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1. Legal Compliance Assurance

Ensures strict adherence to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act, 2013, safeguarding your organization from legal repercussions.

2. Comprehensive Policy Development

Facilitates the creation of a robust Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy, tailored to your organization’s unique needs, fostering a safe and inclusive work.

3. Streamlined ICC Committee Formation

Guides employers through the establishment of an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), providing clarity on roles, responsibilities & the appointment.

4. Ready-to-Use Documentation

Offers a suite of pre-designed forms, letters, and templates related to the ICC committee, making the implementation process efficient and hassle-free.

5. Thorough Investigation Procedures

Provides a detailed guide on the complete investigation procedure for sexual harassment complaints, ensuring fair and unbiased investigations.

6. Employee Awareness and Training

Tools like Awareness Session PPT to educate staff on their rights, responsibilities & organization’s commitment to a harassment-free workplace.

7. ICC Committee Skill Development

Includes a comprehensive ICC Committee Skill Development Program PPT, enhancing the capabilities of committee members in handling complaints.

8. Forms and Register Management

Offers all necessary forms and registers required for compliance, simplifying the record-keeping process and ensuring that all information is organized.

9. Annual Report Submission Guidance

Provides step-by-step guidance & a template for the preparation & submission of the annual report, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements.

10. Access to POSH Act 2013 Copy

Includes a copy of the POSH Act 2013 for reference, empowering employers with the knowledge needed to implement and uphold the law.

11. Promotional Materials for Workplace Awareness

Workplace awareness through posters & banners on POSH ACT 2013, reinforcing the commitment to a respectful and harassment-free work culture.

12. Proactive Prevention and Risk Mitigation

Enables employers to proactively address & prevent instances of sexual harassment, the risk of legal, reputational, & employee relations issues.

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